A Prayer for the Sojourner

A Prayer for the Sojourner


Jeremiah 7:5-7 English Standard Version (ESV)

“For if you truly amend your ways and your deeds, if you truly execute justice one with another, if you do not oppress the sojourner, the fatherless, or the widow, or shed innocent blood in this place, and if you do not go after other gods to your own harm, then I will let you dwell in this place, in the land that I gave of old to your fathers forever.

The Bible has something for every occasion, doesn’t it?

Today, like yesterday, the day before, and many days back, I have run into men and women wanting to get messages that somehow, by the Grace of the Lord, I end up giving them.

I don’t plan on that, it just happens.

So, I have been ministering out there, almost everywhere I go, despite a voice impairment, which helps my disposition to listen. This involuntary ministry has helped me realize there are too many people under a lot of distress lately in the ultimate land of milk and honey: The United States of America.

No longer can I ignore the evidence that supports an old calling to this Godly appointment.

When the very leader of our nation publicly insults migrating population (the sojourners of this land), and other groups, it is time to strengthen and extend our prayers to intercede for those in greater distress. Our prayers will also seek the spiritual and mental healing of our political leaders who, evidently, need it.

A crusade of prayer is in order.

With the help of a couple of brave ones, the First International Crusade of Prayer for the Sojourner is coming together.

This 45-day crusade will begin online. The first session, conducted in Spanish and directed to Spanish-speaking immigrants or refugees, will take place on Lazarus’ Saturday, April the 8th at 7pm (PST). A most auspicious day to start a wave of godly force.

The crusade is free for participants but contributions are welcome in the form of donations or by purchasing the book “Oración del Inmigrante” available for sale at Amazon.com. All proceeds will help us sustain this very needed ministry.

To sign up for the crusade and get a free sample of the prayer (in Spanish) go to www.oraciondelinmigrante.com

To purchase the complete devotional “Oración del Inmigrante” Go to: Oracion Del Inmigrante


Exodus and the Unified Field of Loving Power

Over the years, I have lost interest in the philosophical dilemma of the existence of God. In my opinion, it is one fruitless quest.

Once we overcome the need to find out if what is evident is true “scientifically”, it becomes more relevant to ask if The Almighty wants something from us, and what on Earth that may be. This is intriguing because, if He is almighty, well, He can have it all and, essentially, He doesn’t need us.

Now, does God really want anything from us?

When one truly wants to delve deep into the existence and history of that which has been known as God, it is inevitable to grab a Bible as an information source.

It floats around in the culture that the God of the Old Testimony is a ruthless and jealous one (Exodus 20:5), which seems to contradict the teachings of the new testimony (1 Corinthians 13:4:4)

For now, let me continue with the book of Exodus, the second in the Old Testimony (and the Torah) where the grueling ten plagues God cast over Egypt are described.

The Pharaoh (a very stubborn fellow) refused to let the Israelites leave Egypt for a three-day religious feast. That is what Moses told the Pharaoh, but between lines, it is understood that God’s ultimate goal is to free the Israelites from being slaves and away from Egypt.

God hardens the heart of Pharaoh (not that he was a nice person anyhow) to make matters difficult and thus make evident that the liberation can only happen because that is the will of the one and only God, rather than a graceful favor from Pharaoh. God uses this procedure ten times. Ten awful, deadly plagues, which almost destroyed Egypt; crops, animals, and people included.

But, why would the Lord linger through ten plagues and choose an eighty-year-old reluctant and likely stuttering man (Moses) to free the Israelites? It occurs to me he could have, almighty as He is, paralyzed, distract, put to sleep or simply kill in one jumbo plague enough Egyptians so the Israelites could go?

How about killing all Egyptians and leaving the Israelites ruling the land?

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An Imaginary Friend.


It was only  appropriate for me to watch “Trumbo” in the bathtub, I was so obsessed with it.

The past few days I’ve found myself brewing an inner conflict about the direction of this blog but also have been advancing in my book’s concept and writing. I must say I felt held back by the time it takes for me to write articles involving social-political analysis.

It was good as an exercise, but my heart isn’t there. My most valuable contribution is not there either, at least for now. Sometimes we resist accepting we’ve finally become what we really wanted to be. The truth is there is plenty of material in me to help others on the subject of spirituality and metaphysics. It is time to surrender to the inner call. The satisfying feedback I’ve received from those who have allowed me to help points in that direction too.

Moving on,  I find interesting the approach of society to the concept of imaginary friends.

Many children have imaginary friends. It’s very interesting to watch a kid speaking with his or her imaginary buddies.

Years ago, while still living in Mexico City, I knew a woman whose five-year-old son’s imaginary friend had her very concerned. While she was a catholic believer (Jesus images on walls, church goer, what not), her son’s visions and conversations bothered her quite a bit. She thought her son was insane. Even then, not knowing what I know now, I thought her worry and reprimands to the child were harmful and unnecessary. Needless to say, the kid turned out ok, Imaginary Friend eventually left the building.

I‘ve come to understand an imaginary friend is part of a spiritual and psychological development that can be very beneficial when accepted and nurtured.

On what basis any person or organization, including a church, has the ability or the right to determine that anyone else’s ways of worship or communication with Spirit are less valid or true than another? I’d say if no one ever spoke to Spirit, God or Jesus or (write the name here) anymore, that’d mean God is dead and gone. I choose to think God knows better than that.

A dear Christian friend once told me she believed each one of us can and should develop a personal relationship with God. I am all for that.

In fact, I am pretty sure I have an imaginary friend myself whom I speak with on a regular basis. This  Spirit or God’s rep has helped me greatly to sort through life. I know for sure I couldn’t possibly be here writing this blog hadn’t I received his/her advice and followed the prompts the best I could.

Like that child’s mom I once knew, people in business circles I’ve belonged to may raise eyebrows, roll up eyes at my above statements but in addition to being inconsiderate, nosey, unkind and misinformed; under certain circumstances such reactions would be a violation of my freedom of creed (have I said I love civil rights?).

My life’s unlikely outcomes are very real to me. I’ve managed to create a life exponentially different than what was expected or originally traced, and I know it could not possibly have happened hadn’t I felt and followed the prompts. Too many people told me at  different stages what I was aiming for was impossible or unlikely and that I should be more realistic.

Realistic is not something I do well.

So, I am back to where my best contribution is with an improved perspective. I believe that an evolutionary transformation in society can only grow in the womb of a collectivity of individuals with enlightened awareness.

Look, what if once my book is published a woman reads it, she does the exercises I suggest. Perhaps, as a result, she is able to resolve situations of her life or improve her self-esteem. What if she has a baby whose upbringing is, somehow, influenced by that book his mom read. Now, way after I’m gone, I can still do something of value for someone.

That’d be a grain of sand I’d be glad to bring in and it’s worth every effort.

I like thinking everyone has a contribution; a conscious, loving contribution, whether they know it or not and hopefully, that’s exactly what they are doing most of their time.

Much love,

Athena Speaks

DAY 21 POST 19

 Excerpt from the upcoming book: “The Shaman’s Work. 30 Rituals to Heal your Life

“There is a tendency to prejudice against those with extra pounds, cataloging them as lazy  or foodaholics,  ignoring the sophisticated system of balances the human body must maintain.

A child’s body might feel necessary to build up a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat (automatic protection against the elements), for a number of reasons. Perhaps his parents were angry. The body works under the mind’s command, and will take action to protect  him from attack, or from the elements. Some children may feel attacked or see their parents or other figures of authority as thunder or lightening of sorts.

One effective cure for a depressed person is dancing energetically. Don’t take this comment lightly, it is a realistic, natural recipe. Practiced regularly, dancing is more effective than pharma concoctions, without making you groggy.  A negative group of deep-seated negative thoughts called depression finds a proper environment in a body that slows down. So, get yourself a Zumba class.

It is no coincidence that practically all civilizations have cherished dancing rituals. Dancing is truly a natural inclination of the body, supporting its chemical balance and ability to survive. In more natural conditions a successful tribe (mostly, a happy one) will rarely exhibit obesity, not for lack of food but per metabolic design crafted by nature. Depending on climate, a small deposit of underbelly fat is part of the savvy balance.The body adapts to the climate of a new habitat in ways mostly unknown, but it is a miraculous chain of endocrinal events.

Emotional impressions have the ability to unleash a metabolic alteration leading to obesity and other ailments. Hopefully, DNA researchers soon will figure out the emotional tracks in DNA chains. If they haven’t already; then, perhaps discover new forms of treatment leaning more toward psychic explorations than Pharma potions. The Earth has and will always provide you with every medicinal plant you may need help from to heal yourself.  Nature came up with the idea of medicine, knowing your body would be fragilized by the flow of a  consciousness alien to the Earth’s.

It is known that bodies react differently to emotional distress, but it has been overlooked that the type of alteration shown by the patient reflects his or her thought processes while developing the disease. This has been understood by healers in ancient traditions as part of the navigation to cure. In his own way, Freud understood some of these subtleties but influenced by the  scientific climate prevailing at the time he wouldn’t pursuit further metaphysical explorations.

Everyone has the power to heal himself from any disease as anyone has the power to cause him or herself the disease. The limits are set by previously accepted beliefs of what is possible. Primarily the body follows the mind, but you can shake the physical realm a bit utilizing your body to give the mind a nudge in your preferred direction when mental challenges arise.

A more effective approach to alcoholism would understand cravings are triggered by a body seeking to alleviate emotional stress, which uncontrolled,  can allow a disease to spread quickly in the body. In such case, the body recognizes alcohol as the lesser of two evils. Alcoholics wanting to quit would benefit from Cannabis and other entheogens. It is now known that cases of alcohol and hard drug addiction have been cured using Ayahuasca and Iboga. Properly used, Cannabis reduces cravings for alcohol and hard drugs but should not ever be mixed with either one.

Sober members of AA recognize their drinking days as self-medicating attempts against  emotional states. Emotional problems are seldom seen as valid reasons to fail. A depressed person who misses a job interview is looked down upon. However, emotional problems and alcoholism aren’t less real than other diseases.

 It would be to the emotional patients’ advantage relying more on natural treatments with plants and distantiate from Prozac and its relatives. There is enough evidence of plant’s efficacy both in private labs and in governmental hands. However, the more your social-political organization continues to pressure individual freedoms and the more you divorce from nature, your emotional problems will continue to get complex.

It is a task of the Sympathetic system to respond to threats. Threats come in great variety,  more than what it is recognized. The body continuously evaluates which route to take, ultimately adjusting to the mind’s command, while maintaining the body in the best possible condition. The body is capable of calculating probabilities, independently from the mind. It has its own intuition and intelligence but ultimately surrenders it to the commands of the whole Self. To say the least, it is a fine instrument of navigation of the physical realm.”


Education Warp. Part 1.

– Day 20 post 17

These days, when I think about the intent and the basic structure of elementary and middle school curricula, I fantasize with wiping the whole thing off and start all over again, without any government being part of it. I know, this may sound extreme, but read along.

While I have gone to school almost half my life and attended one of the largest and oldest Universities in the world, I am often concerned and sad looking at the results of government-managed school systems, which should be weighed not through their own tests but through the social state of affairs and the observation of social behaviors and trends. 

Should we continue this path, things won’t get any better for newer kids. The profound deficiencies in policy and administration of education are getting deeper as budgets continue to get downsized. However, I believe budgetary lacks are only a symptom of a larger evil, sanctioned by an oblivious majority, a victim itself of the same indoctrination-funnel.  We all know that most people don’t question or take action. Thank you, educational warp.

In this article, I am referring to elementary and middle school because of their impact in the formative years of an individual and also because it is there where the effects of defective and inefficient public policy feel stronger and hurt us all the most.

The primary intent of public policy has been and will be controlling the population through a) Retaining the ability to make decisions on the subject and b) The administration (getting a piece) of the money to and from the activity. That is the nature of the beast.

Education isn’t different. In fact, is one of the key mechanisms through which any government ensures itself as a long-term project; this is no news.  In political science theory, public education is considered a state’s mechanism of dominance.

For what I can observe in urban areas such strategy is working just fine. Our younger people come out of school chiefly worried about fitting in, people’s looks, making the buck, and becoming successful in a capitalistic kind of way; just to mention a few things. They are fear propelled as opposed to creativity propelled.

BTW, if you know one of those kids who go around telling others he (or she) wants to be the president of the United States, can you please do us all a favor and get him some actual info? We have major problems affecting us individually and globally, caused by policies initiated and sanctioned by the executive branch.

Back to education; rarely we’ll observe in a late teen genuine care for the environment, awareness of the status quo of our civil liberties, or concern about creating solutions for society’s future challenges.

While parents are supposed to be in charge, most middle class parents have the necessity of getting involved in the survival game and rely mostly on school time for their kids to be watched and to learn how to become successful, which primarily means the ability to generate sufficient income.

However, leaving elementary and middle school education to be managed, regulated and controlled by any government has and will continue to affect negatively the evolution of society as a whole.

From the standpoint of certification, school certificates and titles are but one aspect of governmental systems of certification and licensing. Governments make a substantial amount of their income through the issuance of licenses, certifications and permits. This is an endless cash cow and yet another form of taxation with justifications that are mostly debatable or even questionable.

I need to run errands. I will give you the second part later.


Animal Phobia


DAY 18 POST 15

For those who think a writer is someone who sits on his ass all day in front of a computer, you’re right.

Now, ask the ass if it likes it.

It has been widely accepted that our childhood experiences create commanding tendencies and patterns we carry through our lives. Childhood conditioning is built up by patterns of thought; behavior and belief learned from our parents and figures of authority which continue to rule our adult lives in ways we don’t seem to be able to control. While I know this is true, I also know it is permanent only to the extent that we accept it either consciously or subconsciously.

This is why I often say: The past doesn’t have to determine the future.

Breaking a pattern is not easy, but if you endure the fear and anxiety of the switch, a lot of fun, a new and exciting outlook will probably be there for you.

Lately, a couple of little things that used to be an intolerable risk are what I am doing on a daily basis. I know not too long ago fear would kick in, and I’d be helpless, but now I am living my statement: The past doesn’t have to determine the future. Then I go through what I am supposed to do, my to-do lists; flattening my butt in the quest.

Now, bear with me, somewhat the above philosophical rambling is leading me to …hum, CATS.

Please don’t assume for a moment this is trivial. You can apply the following story to ANYTHING you grew up believing and eventually see which of your old stories and tapes are running the show.

So here’s what with cats.  

Mother, my central figure of authority for my first 12 years had, amongst other fun character traits; something I’ll call animal-phobia.

She constantly feared we’d get roaches, mice, what have you. The presence of a spider was followed by a deafening scream. Cat hair would be the sure cause of our death by asphyxia; dogs were downright vicious. A visit to the Zoo was unmanageable, during my childhood I was only twice at a zoo, but she wasn’t there. I wasn’t too thrilled either, to tell you the truth.

The dog attack I suffered at five years of age was the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. Mother’s worst nightmare had come true: the mean, ole’, German Sheppard in a neighbor’s house finally figured out how to open the door and attack, not her, but worse, her youngest (and favorite) child.  She was hysterical; I passed out. I learned later; she had passed out too!

As an adult, even though I realized that was crazy; didn’t feel it had to change. Up until seven months ago I never thought I’d have a pet, especially not a cat or a dog. I was ok with my mild version of my mother’s animal phobia which I had managed to hide from most people (sales and phobias don’t get along).

Now you know how getting (and keeping) two cats can be part of a quantum leap. Still working on the German Sheppard thing.

Seriously, after I brought Cat Stephen’s from the shelter I was anxious. Those old fears of dying asphyxiated with cat’s hair tried to pull a comeback; I did get throat secretions for a few weeks, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way.

I am convinced, even before my cat switch, that we all have the ability to change patterns of belief and thought as we decide. I’d love to see more people doing that.

Unbelievably, these days not only have I kept the cats, but I have a relationship with both of them. Lady Amiga and Cat Stephens are here to stay; hair and poop included.

The cats have affected my life in more positive ways than I care to write tonight; I am glad I was able to cure myself of animal phobia; too bad mom couldn’t.

How is your quantum leap going?


Amiga feb 2016 1.jpg









Determination, passion and insanity.

DAY 15 POST 14

It takes blanquillos for anyone in our world to devote his life to be a full-time artist. Our current economic model (and many of us are accomplices) doesn’t make it a priority to support individual’s creative inclinations. It hasn’t for hundreds of years.

Per vox populi, the business of artistry and economic hardship go hand in hand. Back in my day, it wasn’t infrequent to watch middle-class eyes rolling up at suggestions of the arts as a career path. The only possible redemption was (this hasn’t changed much) the achievement of financial success or celebrity status. Of course, I am only talking about the majority of people. There are always minorities pulling the wagon of change. Otherwise, there would not be arts nor social evolution.

A lot of passion, determination and some insanity (thanks, insanity) are required to run against the grain, determine the path of art as the main enterprise of one’s life, and follow through.

Today I had the opportunity to have dinner with one of them rare individuals. My friend is a painter who does have the blanquillos and the faith in his art to do exactly that for a living. As a painter and photographer, he has walked the walk most of his life, not by a bit exempt from his quota of tribulations.

The creative process was a central theme at dinner. We discussed times when the piece takes him to a dead end; when it doesn’t seem to have the qualities to make it through completion and provide the fulfilment he seeks.

We concluded that, while the piece may never be resuscitated, the time spent with it can be embraced as a necessary passage to the birth of a new concept or creative idea.

It can only be this way if we accept that creativity has its own drive and knowing that Her vision is greater than our intellect’s, wants to lead. Our best contribution in this interaction is to achieve inner stillness to hear Her whisper. Only tMARGOT FONTEYNhen we will be blessed with expression through our hands, our brushes, our pen (now keyboard), our voices or our bodies. Such, I think, were the works of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Shakespeare, Maria Callas and Margot Fonteyn.


It takes guts and clarity of purpose to make the decision to set aside work that seems to have a dead end. Those hours and resources may be lost for good. Our beloved, unfinished work may never see the light in its current form but, what makes up for the sad farewell is that new idea. That which couldn’t have ever been perceived unless the old one were here and then opened the door on its way out.

I am smiling. I feel like the cat who ate the canary.

The best things in life are simple and feel good.

PS: blanquillos=huevos.